It can be quite difficult to get the historical performance of a range of ETFs when doing your investing research. I built this spreadsheet to calculate the performance of a range of ETFs, and display them in order of performance, across a selection of date ranges. I figured it might as well be out there on the interwebs to help others.

I use the trading platform eToro, and as of publishing there were 252 ETFs available on their platform (there are currently 262, so this needs some updating…)

For those of you from my home country South Africa, there’s also a range of ETFs that are available in your Tax Free Savings Account annual allocation.

I’d love to hear any feedback you may have (especially if there are errors or improvements - I love learning an Excel trick or two🤓)

Please note, nothing I say should ever be taken as financial advice. I once invested in a herd of nyala and lost a lot of money. Don’t listen to me 😉

(And if you really like it and are feeling generous, I created this page just in case)