May was a month of rekindling old friendships and cementing new ones.

It got off to a great start with a trip to AfrikaBurn. It’s a special gathering in the desert which does wonders for the soul (if you know what Burning Man is, divide that by ten and drop it in the Karoo desert). I’m going to write more about it (eventually), but here’s a picture of me about to get rather dusty in a green tutu to indulge your curiosity. So much going on behind the scenes!

My image

Rolling in the dust at the welcome gong at AfrikaBurn.

I registered for another Vipassana meditation retreat, which is another thing that I’ve put off for years with excuses.

After years of it being an item on my to-do list, I finally started a regular yoga practice. The main reason was to strengthen my back ahead of the meditation retreat, but it felt like a long-overdue act of self-love. I can also confirm that I have become that guy who says “everyone should do yoga”.

I had great conversations with wise, older folks in my life, exploring deep topics such as breaking negative family patterns and plant medicine (so much context missing, but again, I will get there eventually!)

I finally went to the cinema to watch “Everything Everywhere, All at Once”. I enjoyed the film so much that I may have cried tears of joy. If you’ve ever struggled with nihilistic feelings, do yourself a favour and watch the movie.

I continued grinding to get the first part of my course, Logseq Mastery Tutorials, to an almost finished state. I wrote a whopping 20 000 words for the course, with a few days of video recording and editing. It’s been a long road, but I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (i.e. a path to financial sustainability.)

On the topic of Logseq Mastery, I’ve realised that selling digital products is a skill in its own right. I’ve decided that this muse-letter / website is not where I want to develop that skill. I’m redirecting all interactions related to the course to my business domain (, as I like this site to be a place of exploration and sharing interesting information and insights. I’m not going to be dogmatic about this and may drop in references now and again, but ‘selling’ related activities will be done elsewhere for the most part.

In my most exciting news, I feel like there are tons of thoughts burning a hole in my brain (or rather Logseq database), waiting to be put into coherent writing. Not all of it will be public, but I’m looking forward to the day I can focus on making sense of this array of thoughts. I’ve found immense joy in the little ‘non-project based’ writing that I’ve done of late. I just need to make sure I can pay the bills for now 😋

It’s late on a Sunday evening, and I know that if I don’t publish this now, it will get subsumed in the week ahead, so I’m going to end abruptly. Thank you for reading this. I hope you have a great week, and remember to be kind to yourself. Top tip? Join a yoga studio - your future self will thank you 🙂