My museletter / blog is now hosted on Substack.

I have created this page so that urls are preserved, but you can find my new content here:

Everybody is starting a newsletter these days. I’ve been thinking a lot about why. Whilst I’m sure there are a lot that do it for the eventual promise of ‘passive income’ (best of luck!), I think there’s one standout reason for me - it’s a forcing mechanism, compelling you to write and clarify your thinking. As a side effect, I think it might also improve the writer’s content filters in a time of information overload.

And you know what, I also want to become a better thinker (and definitely improve my filters!) and I think the best way to do that is to share my thinking in written format with strangers on the internet. Maybe some of those strangers will become friends; I’d consider that a welcome by-product.

Now what to call it? I have a funny tick about naming things, because it’s so easy to get lumped into a stereotype. (Maybe I’m afraid I am the stereotype? I’ll let you be the judge.) So instead, I’m calling it a “muse”-letter: a (probably) irregular, undirected dump of thoughts. You’re welcome to subscribe if you want this in your Inbox. I would be honoured 🙂